Special Projects


Our study center is part of the Germany's first ophthalmic trial for gene therapy. In patients with color blindness and progressive retinal choroidal dystrophy a defective gene should be replaced by an injection under the retina.


This research study focuses on the optimal lighting design in nursing homes.

Egon Schumacher Foundation

The Schumacher Foundation supports projects and research in the field of Retinitis pigmentosa. Very useful insights have already been gained.


The Pupillographic Sleepiness Test (PST, F2D) of the company Amtech has been developed by us and is used intensively for research and diagnostic applications. So sleepiness can be objectively determined. In addition, we have developed more pupillographic gauges and deal currently mainly with Color Pupillography and pupil Campimetrie as an objective visual field examination method. More Information can be found on the website of Amtech

Road safety and the workplace

By Pupillographic Sleepiness test we perform field studies to optimize driving conditions and working conditions.

Retina Implant and Electrical Stimulation

The STZ eyetrial looked after trials and other projects of the Retina Implant AG for many years. Which is producing and testing medical products for patients with Retinitis pigmentosa. For information please have a look on the website of Retina Implant AG or contact the company directly.
In 2017 the STZ eyetrial build RICE, an independant evalutation center helped by external experts to provide specialized clinics with information on selecting possible patients for the electronic Implant alpha AMS.


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